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screenshotHome Wizards is your expert for all your painting & siding needs. With over 15 years experience, our crews of Home Wizards truly take care of your home as if it were their own.

We insist on quality control standards among our craftsman and offer warranties on all work performed. 

We are a member of Quild Quality, a third party survey service. After a project is completed, they conduct a survey and relay feedback to help us improve our standards.Read what our customers have to say about their experience.


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Image Spending more on paint saves more in the long run. Some Paint Companies will try to estimate low to get a job. In order to keep their costs low, they will use cheap paint. A good paint company will use good paint running anywhere from $25 to $35 per gallon.  The reason the paint cost so much is because it is good paint for longevity, ease of application and most importantly the look. Always look at what brand of Paint the company is using when acquiring estimates for a job. The price should not always be the determining factor; there should be a balance between quality and affordability. Below are some of the paints we use and why they are so great.

When Painting your home, people often wonder how much paint will it take to paint the whole house. In General, paint will cover between 200-350 square feet per gallon, depending on how rough the surface is. This is not a good area to skimp to save money. The amount of paint used will directly affect how long it will last.

Exterior Paint

Image We generally use Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. For Stucco exterior homes, we recommend painting with Elastomeric Coatings. This paint allows the coating to expand and contract with the building, bridging hairline cracks that may form from regular wear. There are others that are good quality that you the customer may want to use and most often we will go with that, however these are the paints we recommend using for longevity. When Painting Exterior, it is also a good idea to Pressure Wash the house. This ensures good adhesion and removes loose paint from the surface.

Interior Paints
Image Depends on the area of the house we are painting. If this were a place where there is heavy traffic and you will need to clean the walls, we would use Sherwin Williams EverClean or Porter Silken Touch. Both of these Paints go on great and take of the worst of stains. If allergies are a problem or you just don't like the strong odor of paint, we can use Sherwin Williams Harmony Low-Odor Interior paint. This Paint is used most commonly in office buildings where the business day cannot be bothered with the aroma of paint.

Decks: Maintain a good deck
Image About once every year, your deck should be checked for loose boards, thoroughly cleaned, and resealed. Cleaning involves the removal of dirt, algae, moss, and other organic matter. Resealing is accomplished by applying a clear or semi-clear liquid sealant to all exposed surfaces.

The Homeowner should have a professional do this for them as cleaning and sealing should be done with special equipment and it takes time and diligence. Alternatively, homeowners can rent power equipment, but along with the power to do the job more quickly comes the power to damage the deck.

Add Style with finish Carpentry
Image Moldings add detail and style to any room; they also hide joints between walls and floors. Molding comes in many sizes, shapes and materials. You will be surprised how a little bit of trim work in your house can add style for everyday living or even resale value on a house.

Moldings in older homes may be made of plaster, particularly cornice and crown moldings, or any of the several hardwoods or softwoods. New moldings are sold at lumberyards and millwork shops, the best places to see the wide selection available.  Most Contractors can show you books with plenty of molding samples as well.

Thinking of painting over wallpaper?
Image Some homeowners would rather not remove their wallpaper before painting and interior.  While it is possible to do this in some cases, it is recommended that you remove the wallpaper and paint on the bare walls. There are a few things to think of if you want to cut corners.

One is you must make sure the paper is adhering to the wall. If there are bubbles you will have to glue the paper back on in that spot. To do this, you can use a syringe and some glue so you do not have to cut the paper. This will only work if there are just a couple bubbles, if there are more, you should remove the wallpaper.

If the paper is too dark, you may have to put more coats of paint on the wall. If you try and cut corners with the paint and only put the minimum amount on the dark paper, the old color will bleed through.

Lastly what you should check for is if the paper has a texture to it. If it does and you want a smooth painting surface, you will have to smooth it out using mud or sanding.  At that point you would be better off taking the wallpaper off of the wall instead. Once again, it will most likely be more cost and time effective to remove the wallpaper than to try and condition the wall with the paper attached.

Gutter Maintenance
Image When gutters fail, you need to evaluate the type of damage in order to select the best repair method. Some minor repairs can be done yourself.  For metal gutters, small leaks can be sealed with gutter caulk.  Flashing and roofing cement can patch moderate damage.  Gutter patching kits are also available at hardware stores and they are useful for making temporary small repairs.  If the damage to your gutters is too much to do with a little caulk or cement, it may be a good idea just to replace them all together.

Also, keeping your gutters free of debris and leaves (use a trowel if you do it yourself) and flushing out clogged downspouts is essential. Mesh gutter guards will help prevent clogs in the future.

Remodeling Your Basement
Image Basements tend to be dark and gloomy.  Adding light should be the first step in making a difference in the overall feel of the room.  If you have windows in your basement, it is best to let that light in as much as possible.  Where there are not windows, it is best to use some florescent lighting.

The second step to brightening up your basement is to select a bright color scheme for paint and décor.  You will want to try and use red, blue, yellow, orange and green to add color and character to your dark room.  If you have a couch already, consider placing a slip cover over it and other furniture you may have.  You may want to also try some colorful rugs or throw pillows for added variety.  Lastly, you should paint the walls and put some artwork up.